Competitor Analysis: Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain provides a safe and secure environment for game developers and entrepreneurs. If you are a game developer, you can help players by enabling them to make in-platform payments and purchase assets in cryptocurrencies. Players will not need to wait for 3rd party payment providers to process their fiat currency transactions, instead, they can buy game collectibles instantaneously. The system is decentralized, which means that the game is not owned and controlled by a central authority, but rather by the users, who possess digital assets and game objects. Blockchain start-ups are already noticing this opportunity.

Top Blockchain Gaming Companies

· Immutable

· Mythical Games

· OpenSea

· Decentraland

· Dapper Labs

· The Sandbox

· Lucid Sight

· World of Ether

· Engin

For example, Cypher Blockchain will introduce a framework for game developers that include the following:

· Software development kits (SDKs);

· Wallets;

· Game plugins;

· Other apps for virtual item management and payment gateway.

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