Importance of PoE

Why is it important to have validators engaged with the blockchain and why don’t they just concentrate on running an efficient node?

This comes back to the collaboration and cooperation question, where a more secure blockchain is run with collaboration, we look for validators who engage. Validators have resources and access to communities to evangelise and promote a blockchain to a wider audience, they have development teams who build block explorers, they have expertise in security and can share best practices, and as a group has a lot that they can contribute.

The same goes for other groups in the community around a blockchain. The Game Developers are an essential part of the community as you could have the best blockchain in the world but if nobody builds an engaged Game/Product around it then it does not have a long-term future, and so their work of developing a world-class game/Product around your blockchain matters.

The developer community around a blockchain count, this group keep the blockchain maintained, and while a sub-set of core developers may get funding from the foundation behind a blockchain others contribute through tooling such as wallets, smart contract browsers, block explorers and not forgetting the dApp builders who bring value to the blockchain through accessibility, and innovation.

These all sub-groups have a part to play and the Proof of Engagement model to ensure that they are all incentivised to collaborate and take an active role in the blockchain community.

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