The Cypher Dev Community will build its off-chain infrastructure to collect and share information about engagement activities taking place. The Cypher Dev Community members through a credit mechanism will decide who are engaging to establish who they are and what their blockchain address is. The Cypher Dev Community will establish consensus on what activities are undertaken to demonstrate engagement and how many Engagement credits to allocate, to which address using governance processes.

The Cypher Dev Community will also engage with the wider community to communicate what engagement means and gather feedback. The whole community must have a say in establishing and maintaining the goals and objectives of the blockchain. In short, there is two-way communication between the Oversight Community and the wider community around the blockchain.

Engagement Credits will have two roles in Proof of Engagement; firstly they will be a part of validators voting authority and secondly, Engagement Points will be used in the distribution of tokens from the revenue pool which is funded by transaction fees and a portion of the block rewards.

The voting authority in Proof of Engagement will be the sum of Engagement Credits and Stake. The design intends to include Engagement Credits to incentivise both established and new validators to be engaged with the blockchain beyond running a node.

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