Program Overview

Maximum Validators

The Cypher Blockchain Validator Program will accommodate a maximum of 20000 validators.

TestNet Validator Count

For testing purposes, we are initially launching with 4000 validators on the TestNet.

Block Time

The block time for Cypher Blockchain is set at 01 seconds, ensuring efficient processing and validation.

Block Rewards

Validators will receive 0.5 CYPHER as a reward for each successfully mined block.

TestNet Details

To kickstart the program, all validators will be credited with 1000 TestNet CYPHER. It's important to note that these TestNet tokens are non-redeemable and cannot be converted into real-world currency.

Redemption and MainNet

All rewards accumulated during the TestNet phase will be redeemable into MainNet CYPHER at a 1:1 ratio starting from September 15th, 2024. These MainNet tokens will be 100% unlocked, allowing validators to cash out their rewards.

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